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We have received a lot of queries from people, who are unable to attend the bake sale event on 9 and 10 April, but would still like to contribute money to this wonderful cause.
You can now donate money via the PayPal ‘Donate’ button below – the process is simple, fast and secure. All donations will benefit the Japanese Red Cross Society.*
These donations will be added to the total amount collected from the bake sale. We will published the total donations collected and will also publish the receipt for the donations when we receive it from the Japanese Red Cross Society. We are so grateful for your support. Don’t forget to forward this to people who might like to help.

*We have pledged to donate 100% of our sales proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross Society and we want to keep this process as transparent as possible.
Please note that PayPal charges 2.2% +0.30CAD per donation – so, if you donate 20CAD, 0.74CAD will be charged as a fee, but the rest will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society.
We had written to PayPal regarding our cause but have not received a reply. Because we are not a registered charitable organization, we do not expect any reduction in the fee.
We have still decided to use PayPal as a mode of donation as it ensures safety and integrity of the data and transaction.

Please also note that the total amount raised online and from the bake sale is to be transferred directly to the Japanese Red Cross Society account. We have decided to donate to them directly so that the funds in their entirety can be used directly for relief efforts on the ground. Because of this and also because we are not an organization but just a group of people, who have come together for this cause, we are unable to provide a tax receipt.

We like to keep this process as transparent as possible, which is why your name will appear on the list here as a donor and your amount added to the total raised and published.

List of Donors (to be updated each night)

Total raised so far: CAD 1467.87

Name Donated (CAD) Net (CAD)
Heena Punwani 100.00 96.50
Melvin Hines 50.00 48.25
Adrienne Vassiliadis 50.00 48.25
Edite Sammons 20.00 19.12
Margaret James 40.00 38.54
UTSC Management Alumni Association 50.00 48.25
Ike Okafor 80.00 77.38
Jesse Moore 50.00 48.25
Margaret James 27.00 25.92
Rosie Young 35.00 33.68
Anita Chiu 50.00 48.25
Colleen Shannon 50.00 48.25
Jennifer Kiefaber 50.00 48.25
Deborah Wolgelerenter 22.50 21.55
David Ort 15.00 14.26
Barbara Fischer 25.00 23.97
Toni Lui 20.00 19.12
Julie Tyios 100.00 96.80
Samhita Gupta 10.00 9.41
Lindsey Ushtcheno (via Interac) 75.00 75.00
Maryanna Lewyckyj 50.00 48.25
Dustin Cox 30.00 28.68
Nicole Yuen 15.00 14.26
Karl Hansen (via Interac) 250.00 250.00
Nareena Mirchandani (via Interac) 200.00 200.00

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  2. Congratulations on all your successes! It was an excellent idea executed by excellent people!

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