Toronto to Japan

Here, at Toronto Bakes for Japan, we couldn’t even think about doing what we’re doing without your support. You’ve come together as a city, and as a community in ways we didn’t, and couldn’t possibly imagine. Everyday, you blow us away just a little bit more, with your big heart and wonderful generosity of time and spirit. The amazing people at Toronto to Japan, our collaborators do just that as well. Their support, from connecting us with Liberty Noodle, to their offer of volunteer support on the day of, makes us smile so much our faces hurt. And this┬áToronto-based collective of Canadian artists, musicians, writers, activists and business leaders hasn’t stopped there. Along with an impressive list of supporters, including Margaret Atwood, Dionne Brand, Dr. David Suzuki and Micheal Ondaatje they are making real, powerful change in the world. Check out their awesome video campaign, and join their mailing list for updated event listings about other things happening in Toronto that will make a difference in Japan
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