Wear the ‘Toronto Bakes for Japan’ badge

Are you eager to show your support and spread the word on this worthy cause? Then proudly wear the ‘Toronto Bakes for Japan’ badge.

You can download (right-click and save) any of the logos given below and display them on your blog/site/social account and link back to this site or the Facebook event. (You can even change your profile picture to the logo.)

You can also copy the following code and paste it to your widget area to display the badge and link back to the site.

<a href=”http://www.tiffintales.com/bake-for-japan/” title=”Toronto Bakes For Japan”><img src=”http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5017/5550911400_461870d1ab_m.jpg” width=”200″ height=”87″ alt=”Toronto Bakes For Japan” /></a>

A big shout-out to Carrie Bloomfield, who did such a fantastic job on the logo for us. Carrie, you took our idea and made it even better. Thank You!

Sign up and spread the word. April 10 – we hope to see you there!

Logo Sq

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