Archive of old (unforgotten) loves

January 2011

Ice Skating. Croissant Bread Pudding. French lessons. Blue Valentine. My new chef (student) jacket. Raspberry-Amaretto Jam. Joshua Jackson. The Big Bang Theory. Toronto Public Library. Ad Hoc at Home. Michelle Williams. West Queen West. One Week. Soup. The Hoof Cafe.

December 2010

December. Christmas. Holidays. Holiday gifting. Cookies. Lazy weekends. Baking. Bulk Barn for baking supplies. The Kitchen Diaries. Natalie Portman. Chocolate covered cranberries. Colorful mittens. The Boys are Back. Braising. What Katie Ate.

November 2010

Belgian Waffles. Carey Mulligan. Holiday lights. Holiday shopping. Canada. My new moss green dress. Emma Watson. Portraits. Peppermint Mocha. Oversized sweaters. Oversized ginger cookies. The Social Network. Falafel. H&M. Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Torte.

October 2010

Halloween cupcakes. Emily Deschanel. Glee. Boots. Breakfast pizza. Fall. Red and gold. Around my French Table. TED. Hot Chocolate. With marshmallows. The Wednesday Chef. Cozy sweaters. Pumpkin-spice.

September 2010

Cinnamon-raisin bagels. Neil Patrick Harris. Before Sunrise. The shirt dress. Pepper Jam. Greece. Nothing Else Matters (Acoustic). Black Forest Cake. Bungee jumping. Nick Hornby. US Open. Project Runway. Busker Fests. High heels. Coffee Culture.

August 2010

Chocolate Amaretto Ice Cream. Alexander Skarsgard. The boyfriend shirt. Keith (the movie). Peaches. Banff National Park. Nickelback – Far Away. Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich. Andy Murray. River rafting. Goat cheese. Bones (the series). Hiking. Tomato sandwiches. Summer picnics.

July 2010

Pistachio Meringue. Hugh Jackman. My new amber drop-earrings. Almost Famous. Big Yellow Taxi. Cherries. St. Jacobs Market. Rafael Nadal. Californication. Strawberries. Summer. Top Chef. Kettle Corn. Regina Spektor. Dorie Greenspan. Java Chip Frappucino. Wimbledon.

April 2010

Almond macaroons. Chasing Cars. Johnny Depp. My new polka-dotted dress. Paris. How I Met Your Mother. Hello Cupcake. Baileys. St. Lawrence Market. Rafael Nadal. Macadamia nuts. PostSecret. Spring. Grey’s Anatomy. Crepes. Iris. Nigella Lawson. Coffee. Vintage furniture.


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