Hi! I’m so glad you stopped by.

My name is Heena and this blog is my playground for everything related to – you guessed it – food, travel and photography.

The short of it: Engineer-turned-Pastry-Chef (Ferrandi, Paris). Blogger. Dreamer. Traveler. Mumbai-Toronto-Paris-Mumbai. Sharing my adventures through words and photographs.

The whole story: I grew up in Bombay, India – a veritable melting pot of cultures and my job as an analyst (yes, you are allowed to yawn) gave me a unique opportunity to travel, which in turn opened my eyes to new experiences. This blog was my way of sharing those stories until it became a lot more.

I took a good hard look at my life one day and realized that this is not where I want to be. While I sat in front of the computer analyzing business flows, all I really wanted to do was bake and cook and travel. Someone told me once that life is a matter of choices. If you want to live, choose. So I did. I spent the next year learning the art of pastry and bread baking at ESCF Ferrandi. I am now a professional pastry chef looking for my next adventure in my beloved city of Mumbai.

To say that I love food – cooking it, eating it, sharing it – would be an understatement. In fact, one friend once commented – “You know what’s amazing? That you don’t weigh 300 pounds given the trance-like state you go into simply thinking about food.” (Thanks buddy!) I love exploring new places and trying new cuisines, and as much as I love food, it is the stories – of people and places – that inspire me.

You can find out more about the story of this blog, why I started it, and answers to questions like – what on earth is a tiffin? – here…

I hope you’ll join me in my adventures as I start and share a new phase of my life.

Happy Reading!


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  1. naazish says:

    Loved it girl! Looking forward to more words, food, photos..

  2. Seema says:

    This is awesome!!

    But am sad :(

    Except ur cake have not eaten any of your fabulous cooking and reading about it makes me want it even more!

    Love you!

  3. Lynn says:

    I just discoevered your blog via tastespotting.com – you have officially arrived! :) Good luck and I will be checking back often.

  4. tiffintales says:

    Thanks Lynn. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. Drop in anytime.

  5. Gaurav Hemrajani says:

    Heena, this is Gaurav, not sure if you’d recognize me, I came across your blog while writing a message on Jyoti’s wall on Facebook. This is an amazing blog you have here! Loved the photos & your recipes look great, Keep it up & keep in touch!

  6. Monali says:

    Hi there! Just came across your blog thru Tastespotting. I love your simple recipe for Rajma Chawal…I’m going to try it soon. Keep up the good work and hope to see more delicious ideas soon!

  7. charliebanks says:

    so happy I stumbled across your lovely blog. can’t wait to read more…

  8. Michael Toa says:

    Hello there,

    I came across your blog whilst reading another blog. How do you do?

    I enjoy reading your stories and the pictures are just beautiful.
    Anyway, have a great one.


  9. Saurabh Pandey says:

    Hi Heena,

    I liked your recipe for “Chez La Vieille’s Stuffed Tomatoes”.
    My wife was looking for a recipe for something like this and i guess i finally found it.
    Can’t wait to sample it !!

    :) .

    Thanks !

  10. almond says:

    Such an interesting blog!! love the food and photography, congratulations. For sure I will be visiting often.

  11. Sasa says:

    Hi Heena, you’ve done a beautiful job with your blog; the design and photography are wonderful. I look forward to seeing more ^_^

    • tiffintales says:

      Thank you so much Sasa. It’s always lovely to have your work appreciated. Come back anytime – looking forward to seeing you here :)

  12. Jessica says:

    Hey! It is a pleasure to meet a local friend in Waterloo.
    I will look forward to following your blog!

  13. Beverley says:

    Love your writing style. From one fellow Bombayite (now Mississuaga-based) to another, I hope you win PFB!

  14. Hi Heena,
    Found your beautiful blog via twitter suggestion.What great posts and lovely recipes.You ll find me quite often here :)

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  17. Mary says:

    Finally made it to your blog and there are no updates. I gather we will have to wait until you are settled in :)))


    PS – the China trip was awesome!!!

  18. Welcome back – and very best of luck with your new direction. I hope you’ll be blogging about it.

  19. Ad says:

    Love reading you. See ya soon.

  20. Harmeet says:

    And the amazing ‘YOU’ is back! Leaving the analyst job will not be regretted..because i know the love that you have for food and travelling! All the best for all your future goals. I hope that i get a chance to eat the awesome food that you prepare sometime again!

  21. Andrea says:

    This is so awesome!!! it takes a lot of courage to follow your heart :)….Im glad you did….
    All i ever wanna say is “i am so proud of u and even more happier that i known you for so long”
    All the best :D

  22. Sally van der Aa says:

    Hi Heena
    I am just cooking your red bean curry now as i type, looking forward to the outcome. Lovely blog by the way, keep up the good work, maybe you should drop by Belgium sometime to test out the waffles and chocolates. I am british but have lived here and the Netherlands for the last six years. Good luck in Paris.

    Kind regards

    • tiffintales says:

      Thank you! I hope the curry turns out well – it’s one of my comfort foods :)

      I would love to come to Belgium one day and I probably will since it’s not so far away AND belgian waffles are my absolute favorite! There used to be a place in Toronto that had divine ones, but I’m sure they’ll taste even better in Belgium.

  23. Anuja says:

    Hi Heena,
    Gorgeous blog dear. Accidentally found your blog via “cookblog”. Guess this is one HAPPY accident :). Totally going to follow your blog and m glad you are thinking of opening a shop in Mumbai. I’ll be your regular and thats a promise :).

  24. Shubha says:

    Hi,Just found your blog.I just envy you.What a life.Amazing.Make the most of it and do share the stories with us.God Bless.

    • tiffintales says:

      Thanks! It’s a lot of work as well, but yes, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Keep reading! :)

  25. Anita Menon says:

    Beautiful spirit. So contagious. You had the guts to follow your heart. My best to you and your dream. You cannot do anything but succeed in life.
    My best,

    • tiffintales says:

      Thank you for the good wishes – it’s really heartening to be sent such positive thoughts. My best to you as well!

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