Frankfurters near the Louvre: Le Stube

At Le Stube, Paris

Admittedly, no one comes to Paris to eat frankfurters. But if you find yourself outside the Louvre (which you probably will if you’re visiting Paris) and depleted of all energy, or strolling the gardens at the Palais Royal and in need of a snack, stop by Le Stube on Rue de Richelieu. You’ll be greeted with a kind smile and a visual feast of hearty cakes and tarts. The previous owners of Le Stübli gave up the business to “travel, learn and find new inspiration” and the result is this charming cafe where they intend to promote what they call ‘snack’issime’.

At Le Stube, Paris

Their French-German heritage is reflected in the menu headed by “The Sausage”. My favorite is the Frankfurter in a crisp baguette (you can also have it in a regular bun, but in France why would you?) with simmered onions and their mustard specialty. I’m not a great fan of mustard, but I love this one; it’s sharp without being pungent and has a sweet undertone.

At Le Stube, Paris

You can also feast on the Currywurst, which I had not heard of before but have been thoroughly educated on by now. Currywurst, if you don’t know, is an iconic German dish of fried sausage slices in a tomato-based sauce sprinkled with curry! If you don’t believe its iconic status, then you should know that there is an entire museum called the Deutsches Currywurst Museum dedicated to it in Berlin. (The Germans really do take their sausage seriously! Another fun fact I discovered: apparently, 800 million currywurst are devoured in Germany every year!)

At Le Stube, Paris

Other German dishes you’ll find at Le Stube are strudels, pretzels and the sauerkraut as well as the German beer Becks. If that’s not for you, there are also fresh salads, savory tarts and cold plates with fresh cream cheese and Black Forest smoked ham. But don’t leave without tasting their delectable pastries – apple strudel, a chocolate and spice Sachertorte, Linzertorte with hazelnuts and raspberry marmalade, and Black Forest with morello cherries. My favorite is the Berlinoise with fromage blanc (a fresh creamy French cheese that makes a close cousin to the American cheesecake), raisins, lemon and almonds.

At Le Stube, Paris
At Le Stube, Paris

I’m usually shy about taking pictures in restaurants, but after a nice chat with the really friendly owner, I plucked up the courage to ask him if I could take a few pictures. (I didn’t mention that I wanted to write an article on them.) “Bien sûr! (Of course!)” he said and even proceeded to turn around a few tarts so I could get a good shot. That the entire conversation was conducted in French was of particular pride to me.

At Le Stube, Paris

Another reason I like this place so much is that it is literally around the corner from where I live. A menu (set meal) here with a main, dessert and salad/drink (try the Cafe Viennois topped with whipped cream) will set you back by €11.50, a bargain in the 1st arrondisement. I wouldn’t cross Paris to visit, but if you’re in the neighborhood looking for a quick lunch or picnic food, drop in and you won’t be disappointed.

At Le Stube, Paris

Le Stube
31, Rue de Richelieu 75001 Paris (Map)
01 42 60 09 85
Metro: Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre, Pyramides
Open: Monday from 10:00am to 3:30pm, Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 10pm

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