White Chocolate, Macadamia and Cranberry Cookies

Cookies Collage 1

Cookies Collage

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5 Responses to White Chocolate, Macadamia and Cranberry Cookies

  1. Rituparna says:

    Hi Heena !

    I just discovered your blog today & am so happy that I did. Love all the food that you have cooked & hope to see a lot more & am really waiting for the photography section to begin.

  2. Jackie says:

    YES! These look amazing, Heena! Gorgeous – I can almost taste them.

    Jax x

  3. La Roquette says:

    Lovely photography, will definitely come back to see more

  4. I LOVE these photos Heena! You did a great job and the cookies look so yummy. I gave you a Stylish Blogger Award on my blog today, so check it out! http://bit.ly/fAN7n6

  5. Barida says:

    God, these cookies look yummy! And as a big fan of cranberries like me, i should love them :-) Thanks for sharing x

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