Project Food Blog Challenge 2: Voting now open

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A HUGE warm Thank You! to everyone who voted for me in Round 1!

For Round 2, I took a little trip to Cambodia. Or rather, I brought a little bit of Cambodia to my kitchen. The second challenge for Project Food Blog was to tackle a culinary classic from another culture, something out of your comfort zone. And boy, was I out of my zone! I decided to make classic Amok Trei – fish covered with coconut milk and kroeung (a paste of herbs and spices) and steamed in banana leaves. It was so much fun – a new cuisine, aromatic spices, an exciting trip to an Asian market, fashioning banana leaf boats(!) to steam the fish, having my first taste of a delicious dish. You can read all about it in this post. And if you enjoy it, take a little time to vote for me. It will help me advance to the next challenge, which is to host a luxurious dinner party – and I promise you, it’s going to be fabulous!

P.S. You can enter your vote here till Sep 30. Or use the voting widget in the right sidebar. You do have to sign into FoodBuzz to be able to vote, but this only requires your email (which will not be shared) and a password. I presume this is to prevent people from voting for themselves 19,000 times if they are so inclined.

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