Project Food Blog Challenge 1: Voting now open

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If you’ve been following this little blog, you know that a few days ago I entered my first post for the Project Food Blog Challenge. Thousands of extremely talented food bloggers are competing in a series of culinary challenges and contestants will be whittled down over a period of 12 weeks. (I can almost hear Padma Lakshmi’s voice in my head saying “Please pack your laptop and go!”) It’s all very nerve-wracking and exciting and above all, fun!

I don’t have any delusions of grandeur – my blog is relatively new and I don’t have a 10,000+ strong reader base. What I do have is the love and passion for what I do and the strength of my conviction that I do it to the best of my ability. (Okay, I’m going to reel it in before I sound like I’m running for the next presidency.) So dear reader, even if there are a few of you out there who enjoy my food or my photographs or just the fact that I can’t stop talking, I’ll be happy. And if you take the time to vote for my post, I’ll be even happier. It’ll take a few minutes of your time and it will bring me one step closer to my dream of actually having a shot at winning this thing. If I could bribe you with a tart slice I would, but I leave you with this and a Thank You!

P.S. You can enter your vote here till Sep 23. You do have to sign into FoodBuzz to be able to vote, but this only requires your email (which will not be shared) and a password. I presume this is to prevent people from voting for themselves 19,000 times if they are so inclined.

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11 Responses to Project Food Blog Challenge 1: Voting now open

  1. Sent a HAPPY ♥ vote your way. See you in round two!

  2. Great post! And gorgeous photos. I voted for you! =)

    Good luck!

    Check out my PFB post

  3. Your photos are gorgeous! I made sure I voted for you!

    • tiffintales says:

      Thank you!! Your running routine is inspiring. I wake up every morning with good intentions but just end up hitting the Snooze button. About 17 times! : )

  4. Reeni says:

    Congratulations on making it to round 2! I can’t wait to see what you make!

  5. JJ says:

    Looks great! One error to fix: you have “challenge 1” in the post title but it should be “challenge 2” !!

    Good luck, we’re rooting for you!

  6. fantastic post!!! Gorgeous photography… sold me, you have my vote!

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