A new home and a contest…

Home Sweet Home

Noticed anything new? If you’re a regular reader of this blog (are you out there?), you may have noticed that we have moved. Yes, after a lot of sleepless nights (I was beginning to resemble a zombie) spent immersed deep into css, html, php and other things I don’t even fully inderstand (and I’m in IT!), Tiffin Tales finally has its own domain in the virtual stratosphere. The move coincides with me moving into a new place and I realized how similar the two things are. You pack all your stuff, marveling at how much you’ve accumulated in such a short time and fretting that you’ve forgotten something. You then move it all, praying that everything reaches safely and feeling a pang of nostalgia as you leave your old place behind. You then start getting used to your new home, getting a feel for the place on which you spent so many obsessive hours, working to get everything just right. And once it’s all done, there’s relief and a quiet sense of accomplishment; the joy will come later – you’re too exhausted to completely savor it right now.

So, dear readers, what do you think? Though the essence of this blog will always remain the same – there will always be stories and recipes and photographs and fun and laughter – they are now housed in (what I think is) a better format. (I’ve looked at everything so many times that it’s all started to blend together now.) Hav a look around – there are a host of new features, including a comprehensive header and footer for easy access to all links and a sidebar with more fun things, including a link to my favorite posts. I’d be so glad if you leave me your thoughts in the Comments section – love, hate, or just discovered something that doesn’t work? – let me know! Also, even though I’ve figured out how to redirect to this new site even if you’re using the old links (is it incredibly geeky that I’m very proud of this?), please update your bookmarks.

This brings me to my second piece of news – I’ve just entered this blog in the FoodBuzz Project Food Blog contest! I’m going to be competing against thousands of extremely talented food bloggers in a series of blogging challenges, which will ultimately result in one winner. It’s all very intimidating and exciting and I reckon, just plain ol’ fun. So join me for the ride, won’t you? – you can find my profile here.

Happy Reading!

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  2. Well I am new here, but looks good to me :) Congratulations on both of your moves…

  3. Whitney Moss says:

    Your photography. is. spot. on. sister. Amazing! I can’t wait to see more!!!

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