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Slow Roasted Tomato Galettes

I’m going to interrupt my cherry triathlon for an important broadcast. Unfortunately, like a weather report that invariably forecasts rain on the weekend, it is not something you’re going to like. Because I’m going to ask you to please turn … Continue reading

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Chocolate-Dipped Cherries and Banana Macadamia-Nut Pancakes

I spent yesterday afternoon painting the kitchen walls. My cousin D was the brains behind this particular operation while I played the role of assistant and rank amateur. Painting 101? Scrape the excess paint off your brush so that you … Continue reading

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Cherry Amaretto Clafoutis Tart with Almond Praline

Rubies. Glittering, bright, red rubies. That’s what these cherries remind me of. But they are not hard and cold – they are warm and sun-kissed, and practically sparkle with life. I stare mesmerized at their beauty, hesitant to taste because … Continue reading

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Pistachio Meringue Stack with Rose Cream and Strawberries

I have never won any fun contests in my life. Sure, I had my fair share of wins in school and college, but I was a nerd (some of my friends are thinking “was?”) and these involved things like debates … Continue reading

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Chocolate-Espresso Shortbread Cookies

Let me say that again, slowly. Chocolate. Espresso. Shortbread. Cookies. Are you drooling yet? And if you’re not, where do you come from? Before I start, I think I need a disclaimer. These cookies are HIGHLY addictive. If you can … Continue reading

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Banana Bread with Cinnamon and Chocolate Chips

Back where I come from, a bread is a bread – you know those things that are white or brown, come shaped in loaves, and are part of that phrase “the greatest thing since sliced bread” (which I have never … Continue reading

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Of Imperfect Tarts and Perfect Crusts

I have a confession to make – I’m not a big fan of crème brulee. Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against a glistening golden crust of caramelized sugar that shatters under the onslaught of your spoon to … Continue reading

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